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Personalised FurryGlow Cushion

  • 16 inch by 16 inch high quality furr Cushion with satin back
  • LED light with switch on the pillow
  • Customise with your photo
  • This customised furrglow cushion can be an excellent gift for your loved one

₹ 749

Light Up Your Life: Personalized Fur LED Cushion
Light up your space and your mood with our Personalised LED fur cushions
Light Up and hold on to your memories tight
Customize Your Comfort -Perfect for adding a cozy and unique touch to your bed, couch, or favorite chair.
Q: What are Personalised LED cushions? A: Personalised LED cushions are cushions that have LED lights built into them. They can be customized with your photos, and are often used for decorative or gifting. Q: How do I personalize my LED cushion? A: You can personalize your LED cushion by adding the image you would like to use on the cushion. Click on ustomise now and you’ll be directed to the image upload page. Select the photo, crop it as per your size and you are done. Led Cushion will be home-delivered to you. Q: How long do the batteries last? A: The battery life of an LED cushion will depend on its usage. On an average it lasts about 6-8 months. Q: How do I charge the cushion? A: There’s no charging provided. YOU can replace the battery Q: What is the material of the cushion? A: The material of the cushion is fur and polyester on photo side and satin on the backside. Q: Can the cushion be washed? A: You can remove the cover of the cushion and wash it. Soak it in cold water and hand wash it. Do not bleach, hot dryer or machine wash. Q: What is the size of the cushion? A: The size of the pillow is 16*16 inches. Q: Safety Precautions? A: Please don’t pour water on the lights or if the lights come in touch with water immediately remove the battery. It can lead to catching fire. DO NOT use this as your daily headrest pillow. LED light due to high heat and usage might spark. Children shouldn’t meddle with LED lights or the battery and to be used only under parental guidance. We don’t take any responsibility to incase the lights fuse out or cause any accident

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