Couple coffee mug for the morning routine

I Do / I Do as I'm told- Personalized Couple Coffee Mugs

  • ✨ 330 Ml ceramic Mug
  • 2 Designs to select from
  • Mug 1 - I Do with Name
  • Mug 2- I do-as Im told- with Name

Mug 1 name, Mug 2 name



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Start your mornings off with a laugh and a hot cup of coffee with 'I do and I do as Im told' mugs.
Customize Your Cup, Customize Your Morning
Each mug features a minimalist heart design that can be customized with your name or initials, making it a unique and fun addition to your morning routine.
A funny reason to gift your partner the - `I Do and I Do as I'm Told` coffee mug set is because it's a playful and lighthearted way to remind them of the power dynamics in your relationship. It can be a funny reminder that you're happy to follow their lead or that they're in charge, while also showing them that you care enough to make them a custom and unique gift. Plus, you and your partner can enjoy your morning coffee together, while also having a good laugh everytime you see the mugs.
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